ASAPprime® Studies

For companies wanting to leverage the benefits of FreeThink’s proprietary ASAPprime® software without purchasing a software license, FreeThink’s laboratory services are the solution.  We provide companies in a number of different industries with a full range of laboratory services, using our own ASAPprime® software and highly-trained scientists to conduct the studies.  Who better to manage your accelerated stability work than the creators of ASAPprime®?  Our ASAPprime® software employs more advanced science and statistics than the “old fashioned” methodologies, enabling prediction of shelf-life and stability more quickly and accurately.  And, ASAPprime® lab studies can be completed in as little as four weeks, with greater accuracy than traditional six-month studies.  As a result, ASAPprime® studies speed product development, eliminate unnecessary package screening and get products to the market faster.

We routinely partner with both large and small companies involved in developing a range of products including drugs, cosmetics, consumer products and many others.    FreeThink’s client list includes both multinational and virtual companies that depend on FreeThink’s laboratory services to help solve some of their most difficult stability challenges.


  • FreeThink’s team of experienced scientists are leaders in the field of stability, and have conducted studies on hundreds of products using ASAPprime® modeling to rapidly determine product shelf-lives.
  • Our team routinely conducts “proof-of-concept” studies prior to a company licensing and adopting the ASAPprime® software
  • ASAPprime® studies managed by FreeThink can inform:
    • Pre-formulation strategy and early stage intervention
    • Package selection
    • Impact of climate zones
  • ASAPprime® studies can be used in conjunction with, or in place of traditional studies for regulatory filings