The Steering Committee for the 2022 Science of Stability Conference has grown to seven. The Committee is made up of distinguished members of the pharmaceutical and science communities, chosen for their expertise in stability research and innovation. We are proud to introduce the newest three members: 


 Jean-René Authelin, Ph.D. 

Senior Scientific Advisor for Global CMC Development at Sanofi S.A., with more than 33 years at the company, Jean-René Authelin currently works as a corporate expert to coach and support teams in scientific aspects of engineering modeling and investigations, in areas such as physical chemistry and solid state, chemical, and pharmaceutical engineering, for both synthetics and biologics. 

 Christian Laue, Ph.D. 

Principal Scientist and Laboratory Head in Analytical Development at Merck Healthcare KGaA, Christian Laue currently delivers tailored project support by means of mass spectrometry (LCMS) analytics as well as risk-based predictive stability (RBPS) approaches and has led the full implementation of ASAP, explored new application areas of ASAP, and strongly driven the use of RBPS approaches at Merck. 

Anthony Mazzeo, Ph.D. 

Associate Scientific Director of Analytical Strategy and Operations at Bristol Myers Squibb, Dr. Anthony (Tony) Mazzeo is currently involved in stability studies to support early- and late-stage development of small-molecule and biologic drug substances and drug products, including combination devices, and is responsible for authoring stability CMC sections for clinical trial and commercial applications.  


To view full bios of the Committee members, and to find out more about the Steering Committee, click here. New members will continue to be introduced as the SOS 2022 Steering Committee finalizes in the coming months. 

If you are interested in participating in this year’s conference, there will be many opportunities to speak. We are now accepting submissions for Rapid-Fire presentations and a limited number of full-length, featured presentations. For more information, please visit the SOS website. 

Early bird registration is currently open for SOS 2022.