FreeThink’s expertise in human health drug stability, complex formulation development, and packaging has now been applied to medical products for animal health, including livestock and companion animals. FreeThink’s laboratories have applied accelerated stability methodologies (including using FreeThink’s advanced stability software ASAPprime®) to enable faster launch of different veterinary products, feeds, and medicines. FreeThink’s scientists and engineers have leveraged their experience to develop formulations and dosage forms that meet challenging profiles. These include solubilization technologies (e.g., amorphous drug forms, SEDDS) and specialized dosage forms (e.g., controlled release oral, including gastric retentive, enteric, depots, topicals, such as patches and ointments, and chewables). We also determine the appropriate packaging for veterinary products balancing product sensitivity to moisture and oxygen permeability with cost and convenience.

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