A crew of FreeThink employees met Thursday afternoon to lend a hand at Todd’s Hill Preserve, one of the many land parcels managed by the Branford Land Trust (BLT). A “wet meadow” beside a picturesque pond, Todd’s Hill Preserve has in recent years become overrun with invasive autumn olive, and FreeThinkers—under the direction of the BLT’s Bill Horn and Harry Merrick—got to work removing some of the shrubs. Cut branches and other debris were then piled into welcome habitats for the birds, mice, and voles that call the preserve home. 

The Branford Land Trust makes it their mission “to preserve open space in Branford, and to promote our community’s appreciation of Branford’s diverse natural features.” As benefitting members of this community, FreeThink was happy to once again spend a few hours showing its appreciation.  

Photo caption: FreeThinkers stand before one of the newly constructed brush pile habitats. From left to right: Connor, Jana, Tyler, Ken, Jennifer, and Patrick.