The Steering Committee for the 2022 Science of Stability Conference is currently being formed with distinguished members of the pharmaceutical and science communities, chosen for their expertise in stability research and innovation. As the Committee continues to grow, we are proud to introduce its first four members:  



Steven Baertschi, Ph.D. President of Baertschi Consulting, Dr. Steven Baertschi brings more than 30 years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry to his consulting firm, specializing in finding solutions to the most difficult stability, impurity, analytical, solid-state, and formulation issues. 

Sanjay Konagurthu, Ph.D.  

Senior Director of Science and Innovation at Thermo Fisher Scientific, Sanjay Konagurthu has over 23 years of experience managing the development of drug compounds, with expertise in predictive modeling, formulation, and process development of platform oral drug delivery technologies. 

Garry Scrivens, Ph.D.  

Associate Research Fellow for Pfizer (UK), Garry Scrivens has over 25 years of experience in analytical chemistry in the pharmaceutical industry, helping in recent years to develop, refine, and apply accelerated studies for the prediction of long-term stability performance. 

Kenneth Waterman, Ph.D. 

President of FreeThink Technologies, Dr. Kenneth Waterman spent 12 years at Polaroid as a distinguished scientist, then 13 years at Pfizer as a Research Fellow before starting FreeThink in 2011.

View the Committee members’ full bios here. New members will continue to be introduced as the SOS 2022 Steering Committee finalizes itself in the coming months. 

If you are interested in participating in this year’s conference, there will be many opportunities to speak, including at the Rapid-Fire Presentations session. For more information about speaking opportunities, please visit the SOS website here. 

Early bird registration is currently open for SOS 2022.