Packaging for Light Protection

Action Spectrum
At FreeThink, we have found that the key to providing cost-effective packaging protection from light is first to understand the wavelength sensitivity of the product –the “action spectrum”. We measure the absorption spectrum and determine how much degradation occurs per amount of light absorbed (quantum yield).


Packaging Light Transmission
Our labs have a database of the transmission spectra of most packaging materials, and FreeThink scientists can determine these in most cases without new measurements.  However, when needed, we can also measure this parameter in our laboratories.


Matching Packaging
With the action spectrum and the desired storage conditions (usually a factor of the ICH guidelines), FreeThink can recommend an appropriate level of protection from packaging.  We can also carry out the testing either for investigational purposes or with full cGMP compliance.



















In this example, if the longer wavelength band is photoactive, neither film will provide adequate protection.
However, if it is not, PET will be acceptable.


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