FreeThink Technologies, Inc. partners with the following organizations to conduct ASAPprime® laboratory studies,
distribute ASAPprime® stability software and lead onsite training where appropriate.


Clariant manufactures a full range of protective packaging technologies and pharmaceutical desiccants that extend the shelf-life of sensitive drugs while maintaining their stability. FreeThink works collaboratively with Clariant utilizing our analytical services and ASAPprime® software to model the influence of climatic conditions on packaged drug degradation over time.

Klöckner Pentaplast

Klöckner Pentaplast (KP) is the leading producer of plastic films for packaging, printing, and specialty applications. FreeThink partners with KP to provide Pentapharm® BlisterPro® XCEL services to offer advanced pharmaceutical packaging design and prototyping capabilities.

Nagano Science

Nagano Science is FreeThink’s sales, marketing and operations agent in Japan. As the country’s leading provider of products and services for pharmaceutical stability storage and testing, Nagano Science offers stability chambers, re-qualifications and process improvement support services. Nagano Science works with FreeThink’s Japanese customers to provide lab service logistics and Japanese-language documentation, as well as training and sales support for FreeThink’s ASAPprime® stability software.