ASAPprime® GO!™ Study Starter Kit



The Step-by-Step Guide for ASAP Lab Studies

The ASAPprime® GO!™ Study Starter Kit is the perfect complement to your ASAPprime® software. Use it to train scientists new to the Accelerated Stability Assessment Program (ASAP), or as a tool to ensure proper running of an ASAP laboratory and use of the software for analysis.

  • Learn each step in the process by running a sample ASAP study on the standard product (tablet) provided in the kit
  • Enter the study data generated into the ASAPprime® software for analysis
  • Use data analysis to predict shelf-life and optimum packaging
  • Match your kit’s ASAP study results with the known ASAPprime® behavior measured at FreeThink’s laboratories
  • Note: The ASAPprime® GO!™ Study Starter Kit is designed to support ASAPprime® licensees; ASAPprime® software not included.


Price applies in the US and Europe only.




Each ASAPprime® GO!™ Study Starter Kit includes:

  • Sample ASAP study design
  • Active tablets for stressing
  • Saturated salts
  • Salt solution vials with prepared lids (24 count)
  • Analytical method and standards
  • Labels for glassware
  • Detailed instructions including
    • Preparation of saturated salt solutions
    • Sample set-up
    • Sample analysis
  • ASAPprime® modeling instructions and expected results


Note: Some contents in this kit require refrigerated (2-8°C) storage, and are labelled with this reminder. Until time of use, please store accordingly.


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Dimensions 25.4 × 33.02 × 15.24 cm