ASAPprime® Overview

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FreeThink’s ASAPprime® software is the only commercially-available software that enables scientists to quickly and accurately determine substance stability and product shelf-life based on the Accelerated Stability Assessment Program (ASAP). This state-of-the-art statistical software allows for a remarkably accurate prediction of a product’s shelf-life and stability in as little as four weeks.


FreeThink licenses ASAPprime® software and also provides pharmaceutical companies around the world with a full range of laboratory services. Currently, 18 of the world’s 20 largest pharmaceutical companies use ASAPprime® or depend on FreeThink’s laboratory services to help solve some of their most difficult stability challenges. FreeThink routinely partners with both large and small pharmaceutical companies to leverage ASAPprime® studies to speed product development and eliminate unnecessary package screening. Our accelerated studies can typically be completed in weeks instead of months, and result in remarkably accurate predictions. In some cases, ASAPprime® study data has been used in place of traditional long-term ICH studies for regulatory filings. This approach has been successful in many countries to help speed new drug candidates into the clinic.


ASAPprime® modeling can be used in conjunction with, or in place of, traditional studies for regulatory filings, while also supporting:

  • Pre-formulation strategy and early stage intervention
  • Packaging selection
  • Impact of climate zones



Contact FreeThink Technologies, Inc. to learn more about licensing options, request a demo version of the software, or to schedule a live demonstration via WebEx®.