FreeThink White Papers

Packaging Selection: The FreeThink Technologies Process

M. Krisch, et al. “Case Study: Activ-Blister™ Solutions Provide Superior Protection of a Model Drug Product Over Cold-Form Foil”

ASAPprime® Software Technical Notes: V6 for V5 Users

ASAPprime® Software Technical Notes: Error Bar Calculations

ASAPprime® Software Technical Notes: Low Degradant Calculations

K. Waterman, et al. “A Scientific and Statistical Analysis of Accelerated Aging for Pharmaceuticals: Assessment of Error Estimation Methods”


K. Waterman “Science of Temperature Dependence: Science of Temperature Impact on Degradation Rates”


K. Waterman “Science of Humidity Dependence: Science of Humidity Impact on Degradation Rates in Solids”


K. Waterman “Added Cross-Terms for ASAP: Why Cross-Terms Between Temperature and RH are Not Useful”