Formulation Development

FreeThink develops formulations which are owned by the sponsor company, providing flexibility for our clients to bid the manufacturing operation out. FreeThink’s scientific experts work to find the best formulation and process solution for the project and are not constrained by a specific manufacturing approach or technology.


Immediate Release Tablets and Capsules

  • FreeThink scientists are leaders in the adoption of a “tiered” approach to formulation development, with an emphasis on stability enabled by ASAPprime®
  • Formulations generally developed in less than four months
  • Formulation, process and container/closure transferred to manufacturer

Combination Products

  • FreeThink has special expertise in the challenges associated with fixed dose combination products

Liquid Formulations (Oral and IV)

  • Expertise in formulation for lipophilic actives
  • Self-emulsifying dispersion systems (SEDDS, SMEDDS)

Oral Controlled Release

  • Working with sponsor company, the Target Product Profile (TPP) is established and used to select the primary dosage form to be developed
  • FreeThink has expertise with the following technologies:

     – Beads (spray-layered, minitabs, melt-spray congealed, etc.)

     – Osmotic tablets

     – Matrix tablets

     – Beads and tablets for targeting different regions of the gastrointestinal tract

     – Chewable/high dose options