ASAPprime® Key Features & Functionality

ASAPprime® Software Key Features

  • Accurately determines shelf-life in as little as four weeks
  • Optimizes packaging without screening
  • Provides a robust, science-based argument for choosing the optimal combination of packaging, formulation, ingredient supplier and manufacturing process – without the need for repeated, lengthy and costly laboratory studies
  • Includes the ASAPdesign™ module to design a statistically-optimized ASAP experimental protocol (DOE) via a series of software-guided user prompts
  • Analyzes the impact of shipping and storage excursions on shelf-life and stability
  • Supports QbD filings
  • Provides a scientific basis for formulation, packaging and process changes/choices
  • Validated for Windows™ 7/8/10


ASAPprime®Overview Video

What’s New with ASAPprime® v.5?

At FreeThink, we value our ASAPprime® software customers, and strive to build long-term, trusted relationships that continue beyond a single license or stability study. That’s why our software team is constantly working to enhance the ASAPprime® experience. Below is a summary of the latest features and functionality of the ASAPprime® software v.5.  As a valued licensee, FreeThink provides updates of new versions as they are released, at no additional cost.

  • Ability to import multiple data sets from a single Excel file (LOAD SPECIAL)
  • Custom excipients/blends can be added by users to subsequent session use
  • Warnings when ASAPdesign™ involves significant extrapolation
  • Ordering of analyses to reduce systematic errors
  • More options for outputting tables and graphs
  • Fully validated for Windows™ 7/8/10
  • Customizable default file locations for sessions, data, parameters & reports (CUSTOM DIRECTORY)
  • Ability to display all isoconversion plots simultaneously
  • Calculation of critical RH by solubility
  • New excipient and packaging options added to default database
  • Ability to use PPM when entering degradation data
  • Added the cross-validated R2 (Q2) to the Arrhenius model factors
  • PDF of ASAPprime v.5 New Features & Benefits with Support Documents


ASAPprime® v.5. Video


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