In today’s dynamic pharmaceutical and biotech landscape, packaging decisions play a crucial role not only in determining a drug product’s shelf life but also in aligning with global sustainability goals. At FreeThink Technologies, we recognize the significance of these decisions and are dedicated to providing reliable data and expertise through our revolutionary ASAPprime® technology, the leading software for pharmaceutical stability modeling. 

To make informed packaging decisions that balance product stability, global regulatory requirements, costs, and environmental considerations, it is essential to consider the moisture permeability of packaging—specifically, the moisture vapor transmission rate (MVTR). While many companies use data on sheets to estimate package MVTR, our laboratories have found that the forming process for packaging, such as molding for bottles or thermoforming for blisters, can cause deviations from ideality. Therefore, at FreeThink, we take a more involved approach by measuring the MVTR of the actual formed package, ensuring greater accuracy and reliability. 

Moreover, we measure MVTR values at three or more temperatures. This approach allows us to adapt models to global climate zones and explicitly account for excursions that may occur during shipping and handling. By considering these factors, we empower our clients to make better packaging decisions for real-world conditions. 

When it comes to MVTR data that you can trust and expert guidance in critical packaging decisions, turn to FreeThink. Our team of scientists offers unparalleled expertise, professionalism, and efficiency, ensuring that you receive the highest level of service and support.  

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