Last month, a hardy team of FreeThinkers were back at Todd’s Hill Preserve in Branford, CT, to continue their efforts of local habitat restoration with the Branford Land Trust (BLT). Picking up where they left off in the fall, the crew helped to remove more of the invasive autumn olive that in recent years had threatened to overrun the preserve, as well as to pull up invasive garlic mustard. The BLT plans to plant native flora once the invasives are reigned in, and by the visible presence of many animals, such as fish and frogs in the nearby pond, and even a heron, the wildlife seem happy with the progress.

Read about our efforts on page 7 of the BLT’s biannual newsletter.

The Branford Land Trust makes it their mission “to preserve open space in Branford, and to promote our community’s appreciation of Branford’s diverse natural features.”

Photo: From left to right, FreeThinkers Max, Chris, Patrick, Jana, Rebekah, and Lili.